7 Things to do After a Bicycle Accident in Bakersfield

Most bicycle accident attorneys in Bakersfield have arguably encountered clients who had no sufficient or reliable evidence for a strong case. Solid evidence is required to prove that a motorist is to blame for a bicycle accident, and without it, the case may be difficult to handle.

It’s hardly a cyclist’s fault; most road users are clueless about what to do in such situations, but there’s a lot a cyclist can do after an accident. If you’re a bicycle accident victim, you need a Bakersfield bicycle accident attorney to help you with the available legal options for your case. The attorney can help you initiate a court process that will result in compensation at the end of the day.

7 Things to do After a Bicycle Accident

It would help if you observed bicycle safety guidelines to avoid or mitigate bicycle accidents, but once the accident occurs, it’s wise to do the following things:

Take pictures

A smartphone can be of great help here. Take pictures of the accident scene, including the motorist and registration of the car, your physical injuries. If your smartphone has been damaged in the accident, write the information somewhere, or borrow a camera from the people present at the accident scene.

Witness Accounts

Request statements from the people who witnessed and ask them if they’d be willing to testify. If they’re willing to testify, request their contact details, including names, telephone numbers, and email contacts. It would help to highlight that they agreed to testify as you may forget it later.

Seek Medical Help Immediately

After an accident, your body goes into shock, and it may be hard to detect any injuries. Some injuries, particularly on the head, neck, and spine, may manifest later, and they may have become serious by the time you discover them. The best approach is to seek medical treatment immediately, even if you’re not feeling any pain.

Follow your Doctor’s Advice

After the first treatment, you should attend subsequent scheduled appointments and fulfill prescriptions. It would help if you never ignored your doctor’s advice because the defendant may use it against you and claim that the injuries were never serious. Such claims can make you lose compensation to cover future medical costs for your injuries.


Write everything that you see, even if it looks irrelevant or insignificant. Request for signatures from witnesses, doctors, and anyone who was involved. Additionally, retain all medical prescriptions and any correspondence related to the accident or your injuries. Although you may never use all this information, it’s better when you have it and fail to use it than to lack the information when you need it.

Report to the Police

A police statement should be based on facts, meaning you should never add or omit anything. Also, you should avoid laying blame on the other party. Just present the facts and leave the rest to the police. Besides, facts will establish who is to blame for the accident.

Contact a Bicycle Accident Attorney

You may think you can do without an attorney, believing that you will only need them for settlements or filing lawsuits. Insurance companies will exploit this and frustrate your pursuit of justice. They will ignore your case, cite ineligibility, or ignore your case altogether. Fortunately, a bicycle accident attorney can help you go through this process comfortably and successfully.

Qualities of a Good Bicycle Accident Attorney

The common qualities of a good bicycle accident attorney include:

 Passionate about Bicycle Accident Law

A reliable bicycle accident attorney should demonstrate passion in this field. If your attorney is passionate, they’ll go out of their way and find out the best approach that can lead to a successful outcome. Even when your situation presents challenges, they’ll stick with you to the end.

Communication Skills

Competent attorneys should not only be great communicators but convincing to be effective. Since they interact with different types of people, including clients, colleagues, and members of the court–they should aspire to understand and be understood by all stakeholders. According to a recent study, many law firms and attorneys struggle in their jobs due to poor communication skills.

 Attorneys should be Experts

A bicycle accident attorney should be an expert in bicycle accident laws and personal injury laws, meaning they should have handled many such cases to be experienced and know what works in various scenarios. 

Good Track Record

Never let anyone try to convince you that an attorney’s track record doesn’t matter; it evaluates their competence. If they have many negative reviews from past clients, the chance is that your case will be no better. When hiring an attorney, ensure they can deliver.

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The outcome of your case is undoubtedly dependent on your legal team. With a good bicycle accident attorney, you’ll be guaranteed a fair trial and the likelihood of a successful case.

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