4 common mistakes often made when making Video Marketing

Video marketing is becoming an inevitable digital marketing trend that we all cannot deny. It is a great form of communication for businesses and a channel to provide useful content to customers, who like to watch videos to receive advice and information about products and services. , or simply for entertainment needs.

There are about 4 billion views per day on Youtube, and this number is still growing, so Video Marketing is a highly effective activity for businesses.

There are always risks and mistakes with any marketing and advertising, and Video Marketing is no exception. Statistics show that out of every 4 billion videos watched every day, 1/3 of them are turned off after users watch less than 30 seconds.

This article will point out the 4 most common mistakes when making marketing videos that lead to these videos not attracting viewers. Take a look now to see what mistakes you might be making and fix them. Maybe you’ll be lucky when these Videos go viral on social media.

Mistake #1: You’re too passionate!

Yes, you are not mistaken! This is true, and you are so passionate about your product! Each video has two main points to be shared widely: HOT and SHORT.

There are too many people diving into Video Marketing with 101 ideas and 1001 things they want to say. Please do your work with passion, but that doesn’t mean you need to make a long video about your product! Why? Because no one will see it!

To make sure you don’t go overboard while planning a marketing video, it’s always good to put a strict time limit before getting started. Video Marketing statistics show that short is always better than long, as viewership drops by a third after the first 30 seconds.

The advice for marketers is to aim for 1 minute of videos to attract viewers. However, extending video content to about 2 minutes is considered quite acceptable for complex products or website tutorials.

If you have the thought, “This is impossible! How can the product be explained in just one minute?” Here are a few examples of changing your mind.

After spending 51 seconds watching the video above, you now know the full Video Marketing stats!

Therefore, you can ultimately make concise videos as above. In addition, most video marketing agencies will make it easy for you to do it within a certain time limit because video production is usually charged by the minute.

The second most common mistake: You don’t really communicate it

Creating a video is really very time-consuming and tiring. Once it’s done, all you want to do is sit back and relax and watch your masterpiece over and over.

However, it is called video marketing because it combines Video and Marketing campaigns. Surprisingly, many people don’t communicate and advertise their videos, and they simply upload them to youtube or social networks and pray it gets many views.

Content on the Internet needs to be SEO optimized to improve user reach. SEO should always be at the forefront of your mind when creating video titles and descriptions. You should also pay attention to ensure that all information, including web address contact method is in the description.

Also, YouTube tags are beneficial for SEO purposes. Think of any keywords your potential customers might be searching for, then turn them into tags for marketing videos, like you would for blog posts.

Of course, Youtube is not the only platform for posting videos. Try to refer to other platforms like Vimeo, Wistia, Brightcove, and social networks like Facebook, Instagram.

Mistake #3: Video Content Doesn’t Have a Brand Name

When starting out with video marketing, it is easy to see it as a separate project, but keep in mind that it must be part of an overarching content marketing campaign like any other content marketing product. 

Suppose you are working in a content marketing agency. In that case, you certainly don’t want your videos to be unprofessional with a horribly slow tempo, lousy colors, and no great effects for your clients. 

You’ll also want to opt-out of creating generic, generic, brand-name videos that can be used and embarrassing to watch. If you haven’t figured it out yet, here’s a parody of Dissolve’s “Common Brand” video, and it’s a good example of what we’ve just covered.

Understandably, you don’t want your video to look too much like what’s going viral on the Internet, you want it to really stand out. It’s always a good idea to make marketing products more interesting, but you always need to focus on brand colors, messages, and target audience.

Mistake #4: Not having clarity

If you’ve made the first and third mistakes, it will happen naturally. Suppose video creators are too focused on it. In that case, they will tend to try to target ALL audience groups: new customers, existing customers, friends of customers, brands with potential partners or anyone can watch their videos.

Unfortunately, a video can’t target every audience like that. Like most marketing content, videos need to have a clear call to action, and this can only be most effective when it’s aimed at a particular audience.

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Besides, one thing that should always be clear when making videos is the hidden message in your video. The person responsible for making the video will need to decide what type of video they want to make. A news video? Promotion? Tutorial? All types of videos have their own usefulness, but it can be very counterproductive, confusing the viewer if you combine them all into one.

Above are the 4 most common mistakes that people still make regularly. Wish you can create compelling marketing videos and do not make the above mistakes!

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