Everything you wanted to know about DevOps & IoT

The information technology sector is evolving by leaps and bounds. This growth has only gathered momentum during the COVID pandemic making the development imperative. A key factor for this emerging trend is the unending growth of new technologies and deployment.

One such concept that has been around for quite some time now is DevOps and IoT. DevOps is a combination of ‘Dev’elopment and ‘Operations’ while IoT stands for ‘Internet of Things.

To simplify it further, some parallels may be drawn between Agile methodology and DevOps. DevOps is a framework using which developed solutions and software programs are deployed in a continuous sequence. Its main differentiator is the development of a solution, its quality assurance and deployment are done in the same line so as to quickly gather the pain points while working on the solution. This helps to swiftly identify the areas which need to be worked upon to make the solution robust.

IoT is a framework of the hardware devices connected through the internet. This is important because the deployment of a solution requires the unmatched services of the hardware network. It enables superior quality infrastructure to aid in the daily requirements of firms and individuals.

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The combination of these two frameworks has the capability to increase productivity. IoT will provide a sound background of quality infrastructure and DevOps will equip the user with the methodology to make the most of the platform.

However, the combination of DevOps and IoT is a tough one to find. There are many firms, both big and small, who claim that they provide the best of the two methodologies, but only a few deliver. Techahead is one such firm that has the intelligence and manpower to transform the workings by making use of this magic combination, that is, DevOps and IoT.

By leveraging both, individuals, as well as firms, can do the following:
  • Software is continuously updated and with DevOps, it will help in continuous deployment of updated programs and software.
  • IoT will keep a check on the hardware network and if it supports the requirement of the updated version of software running on the infrastructure.

Taking advantage of one without the other will not yield the desired result. It is the combination of the two that catapults the process trajectory. Some interim time to deploy the two processes in the daily workings may bring about a temporary halt. However, the expertise at DevOps consulting company TechAhead makes the transition smooth without impacting business as usual.

DevOps and IoT are dependable and required to transform the business workings resulting in unimaginable benefits. DevOps has many takers around the world what with its disruptive delivery promise. It has proved its benefits and the amalgamation of IoT will only make it more powerful.

The promise of a fast delivery model will make an enterprise ever-evolving. DevOps is the way to do it. IoT will make this promise a reality. The knowledge of the two combined with the skill sets at Cloud App Development company TechAhead will only take you ahead in your business journey. 

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