Wondering About The Full Body Checkup Price in Gurgaon?

People are becoming aware of the importance of going in for regular full body health screenings.  They know they cannot afford to neglect their health and often look for affordable and effective full body health screenings in their cities. Many of us worry about the full body checkup price in Gurgaon. Make sure to select the one suitable to you according to your health condition and budget. There are a number of hospitals and diagnostic labs offering a full body checkup in Gurgaon for your benefit. 

What is the full body checkup price in Gurgaon?

A full body checkup in Gurgaon is also called a complete body checkup, an executive health checkup, and also a master health checkup.  It is a routine and preventative full body evaluation for determining how well the body organs are functioning. Routine tests such as blood and urine, KFT and LFT, etc. are performed. The main objectives of the full body checkup in Gurgaon are the early detection of disease and its prevention.

A full body checkup is done to access a person’s health condition. The full body checkup price in Gurgaon can be anywhere from Rs 900/- and may also go up to Rs 20000/-.  It will depend on the diagnostic centre as well as the package that has been selected. Many of the full body checkups in Gurgaon are on the basis of blood samples collected from the patient. A person will come to collect the samples from the patient’s house for their convenience. You can get the test results on the same or next day.  When choosing the tests to include in the health package, make sure to consider the age, health condition, family history, lifestyle, etc. of the person because all these have a major impact on a person’s general health.

A full body checkup in Gurgaon is offered by most of the reputed diagnostic labs and hospitals in the city. The labs in Gurgaon have high-quality standards and have the latest, modern and automated equipment.  The doctors and the lab staff are well-qualified and trained to conduct the tests.  We can get accurate reports quickly within a few hours. You don’t need a prescription from the doctor for a full body checkup in Gurgaon. You can select the appropriate one and easily book it online. 

What are some of the instructions that have to be followed before going for a full body check up in Gurgaon?

• It is important that a person should fast (overnight) or for at least 8 to 10 hours before going for the full body checkup in Gurgaon.

• Drinking only plain water is allowed before the checkups. 

• Avoid consumption of alcoholic drinks for at least one day before the full body checkup.

• Avoid eating meals that are full of fat or sugar for at least 48 hrs before the health screening.

• Pregnant women should inform the staff in advance and avoid x-rays.

• Women who are having their periods should not go for the full body checkup and should reschedule it.

Why is going for regular full body checkups in Gurgaon useful?

• People will be healthy and fit as well as there is a decrease in the risk of getting illnesses.

• Diseases can be diagnosed much before they can reach a critical stage.

• People are able to save money over a period of time as they are able to avoid costly treatments and even surgeries.

• People feel determined to lead a healthy as well as active lifestyle when they are aware of their health status.

• They become inspired to adopt healthy eating and sleeping habits regularly.

• People will become aware of the latest and popular medical technology that is currently available.


It is essential to go for health checkups regularly to track and maintain your health. Going for full body health checkups at regular intervals helps people get a chance to live a long and healthy life. People often worry about the full body checkup price in Gurgaon. However, it is very easy to select the best full body checkup in Gurgaon from the variety of hospitals available in the city according to your specific needs, health conditions and budget.

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